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Archwave Audiolan -stage-proof Audio Networking

Archwave Audiolan is the first completely integrated hardware & software package to guarantee professional grade audio thru an AES67 network.

Archwave Audiolan enables your customers to focus on what really matters – their music.

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Benefits of Archwave Audiolan

Best in class performance and super user-friendly: Just what Musicians and Sound Pros need to get the best audio experience to their audience. Archwave Audiolan consists of well-established hardware that already runs in millions of devices and a ground breaking software package for all screens and devices.

Reliable transport of audio-data is one thing; easy setup & control of your network an other. Archwave has made it its mission to bring the command and control of the audio network back to you in easy and understandable terms. On top of that, we provide you compatibility to other leading command and control protocols as well. Archwave Audiolan has full integrated support for CopperLan as well as the broadcast standard Ember plus.

Open technologies, standard IT hardware: why should audio-networking be different from the technology we are using every day? That is why Archwave is fully supporting the AES67 standard that allows you to base your audio network on standard IT infra-structures. The same as you find in your office or home.

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